Hope City Board

The Hope City Board held their second meeting of July on Tuesday. The board opened by considering the acceptance of a $24,720.88 grant to fund 50% of a detective’s salary to address domestic crimes. The city will provide an in-kind match of $8,847.02. The board approved the acceptance of. the grant.

The board considered a “waive bid” ordinance to purchase a Crane Deming Pump for the West Water Treatment Plant. The current pump is only three years old. The board received three bids ranging from $16,449 to $21,459 for a new pump or $13,984 to $18,984 for a rebuilt pump. The board approved the waive-bid ordinance. The board then voted to accept the low bid of $16,449 from J.R. Stewart.

The board voted to rezone property in the 500th block of East 5th. The property is located behind the Village Shopping Center. The petitioner, Randy Bobo, asked to rezone from C-2 Highway Commercial to R-2 Medium Density Residential. Bobo hopes to put housing on the.property.

The board looked at bids in the new addition to the police department. Police Chief J.R. Wilson noted the bids were a little high but they have negotiated with the low bidder to bring the low bid of $348,000. The low bid was from the local firm of Twobo. The board voted to accept the low bid.

The board looked at bidding on new playground equipment for Northside and Fair Park. One of the proposed contractors on the state Purchasing Contract is not authorized to sell through the state. Paul Henley addressed the board about the equipment. He said they had decided to purchase separate playgrounds for the two parks. This will allow kids to have a different playground experience depending on which Park they visit. Henley talked about the “fall surface” and also “play value” upon which the purchase is to be based. Henley later showed that the vendor who appeared to be lowest was apparently not authorized to participate in the State Purchasing Contract. Paul Henley produced documents showing the company was indeed authorized to participate. Henley showed the Northside specs call for a sunscreen while the Fair Park equipment will not as it is located in the shade. A discussion ensued about parking. City Manager Catherine Cook noted the city will have to build a small parking lot at Northside. Also, it was pointed out that the Northside location is located close to the bypass. Henley talked about colors of the playground equipment. No action was taken. The board agreed to discuss it at the first meeting in August.

The board looked at some proposed updates and revisions to the the personnel handbook. Assistant City Manager/Police Chief J.R. Wilson spoke on how the proposed changes came about. He also talked about comp time and flex time. The catastrophic leave section was also discussed. No action was taken. The proposals will be discussed at the first August meeting.

Under the city manager’s report,. Catherine Cook reminded everyone about the citywide clean-up day July 27th. She said the street program is underway and should be finished by the watermelon festival. Cook said they had to replace an air conditioning unit at the Christian Charitable Clinic. Cook also said the swimming pool was fixed and open. Paul Henley said is the oldest operating pool in the state.

Under citizens requests, a lady said she had heard an apartment complex was scheduled to be built across from her home at 7th and Edgewood. She said she was against such development. Cook said no such complex had come before Planning and Zoning or the city board. Hazel Simpson thanked the city for their hospitality during the Yerger reunion. The meeting then adjourned.