Hempstead County Quorum Court

The Hempstead County Quorum Court met Thursday September 26th for their regular monthly meeting. The JP’s approved an ordinance revisinga budget to begin the meeting. The JP’s then passed a resolution declaring the county a partner with the upcoming US Census.

Randall Ross spoke to the JP’s. He told the Quorum Court about some poultry houses planned for the property adjoining his on West 16th. Ross said he lives the equivalent of four blocks from the city baseball fields. He indicated his belief that these houses will produce odors that will affect the activities at Fair Park. Ross said over 90 teams came in to play in the Watermelon Festival Softball Tournament. He said these houses could negatively impact participation in activities such as these. Ross also discussed the disposal of dead chickens and how those odors will reach the park in about 3 minutes. Ross suggested the JP’s tell their friends that they don’t think the Johnson family’s plan is a good one. Ross says there’s nothing legal that can be done because they are 1,500 feet outside the city limits. JP Doris Brown said she agreed with Ross. JP Steve Atchley said he believed the only thing the city could do would have to do with the street. Ross explained that the reason the houses have not been built is due to a soil problem. Spectator Sylvia Brown said in the Strategic Plans sessions there has been discussion in a possible County land-use plan and/or zoning plan. Another JP said while the county can’t do anything about the houses the public can voice their opinions on the houses to Tyson. JP Ed Darling said it appears the JP’s as a body are against the construction of the houses and suggested it might be appropriate to approve a resolution voicing their opposition to the houses. County Judge Jerry Crane asked Brown if she could bring it to the attention of the Strategic Planning Committees. JP David Clayton suggested holding off on a resolution. JP James Griffin said he believes dead chickens are now frozen and incinerated at the Buzzard’s Bluff plant. No action was taken.

Sheriff James Singleton said the Sheriff’s Department will be working with WMA Enterprises and Red River Wrecker will hold a Fun Day at Fulton October 12th from 9am til 2pm featuring free hot dogs, bounce houses and other activities for kids ages 3 to 13. The Sheriff said Mays and Red River are paying for the event. The Sheriff says 4 years ago Mays was a 309 inmate at the jaul but since his release has become a successful businessman. The Sheriff also talked about the Halloween event at the courthouse. Sheriff Singleton also detailed a small building his inmates are building to house rehabilitation education programs such as G.E.D courses and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He noted this is funded by the jail commisary.

JP Ed Darling suggested the JP’s borrow $100,000 from County Investments to fund payroll and taxes and pay it back as.property taxes come in. The JP’s voted to do so. The meeting then adjourned.