Hempstead Quorum Court

The Hempstead County Quorum Court held their regular meeting Thursday October 24rh.

Under new business the JP’s approved an AAC Auto Records Grant for $43,065 the Circuit Clerk’s budget. This will cover scanning in records. JP Ed Darling thanked Circuit Clerk Gail Wolfenbarger for her efforts in getting grants.

County Judge Jerry Crane said he has asked Ed Darling, Jessie Henry, Olen Doorman, and James Griffin. He said he’d asked Ed Darling, Cherry Stewart, Jessie Henry,and Steve Atchley to the Courthouse Committee.

Judge Crane said the state auditors have told him he needs to announce publicly when they delete a vehicle from insurance. The Judge noted the Sheriff’s Department is deleting at 2005 Ford Expedition 4 x 4.

JP Ed Darling noted the county general fund has not shown much improvement and he recommended the JP’s move $75,000 temporarily from hospital investments to cover payroll. The JP’s voted to borrow the money from hospital investments. Darling and Treasurer Judy Flowers explained the Department of Finance and Administration holds back sales tax paid for large industrial construction projects and rebates their sales tax back. This has hurt the county monthly from $45,000 to $99,000 per month over the last year. Flowers said D.F. &A. doesn’t give details but lists the rebate as coming from a company involved in electric power generation and distribution. Flowers says they know it’s not Hope Water and Light but thet don’t know that it is the Turk Plant either. Spectator Sylvia Brown suggested the quorum court attempt to work with the legislature on this matter.

Sheriff James Singleton told the JP’s the Red Lake bridge over I-30 near Fulton will be renamed in honor of the last Maleah Davis at 10am on November 9th.

Spectator Allen Flowers told the JP’s that the rail crossing on 195 near Cross Roads is unmarked and doesn’t have warning lights. Judge Crane noted this would have to be taken up with the railroad. Cherry Stewart suggested the JP’s write a letter to the railroad about it. It was suggested that Judge Crane contact the railroad on the matter and he said he would.

Jessie Henry returned to the topic of the sales tax rebates. Discussion ensured and Sylvia Brown suggested the county contact the Arkansas Association of Counties and Darling said he had talked to them earlier in the day. Ur was also noted the legislative delegation has been made aware of the situation. The meeting then adjourned.