Hope City Board

The Hope City Board held their second meeting of February Tuesday. Following the Pledge and approval of the minutes the board considered a waive bid ordinance on a tank monitoring system. The system is for the Hope Landfill and is a leachate monitoring system. Current pumps were purchased from Advanced Fluid Technologies and this company has given the city excellent service. AFT has quoted a price of $18,752.60. The amount budgeted is $20,000. Personnel from the landfill told the board it’s advantageous for the city to purchase this monitoring system from the same company the city has been using. The city’s engineering firm has said the bid is appropriate. The board approved the waive bid ordinance to purchase the tank monitoring system.

The board discussed bids on the city’s new cell to be constructed for the Class IV landfill. The city’s engineer has estimated at $36,000 for engineering, $350,000 on construction, $35,000 for contingency for a total of $421,000. The city has $300,000 I’m reserves in Sanitation funds available. City Manager Catherine Cook suggested the board consider borrowing the $121,000. She also talked about the need to look long-term at future sanitation rates. Discussion ensued. It was noted there would still be some reserves left in Sanitation. Dr. Trevor Coffee asked about how.much more life there is in the baler and sanitation personnel says probably it will last a few more years. City Manager Cook says a new baler is something in long-term planning. The board voted to proceed with the bidding.

Under the City Manager’s Report, Catherine Cook reported on Patsy White’s sewage problem. Cook noted the problem was in White’s service area. Cook also gave a report on the Municipal League Winter Conference she and two board members attended. Cook said they got information on the census and in a League project about retaining local control. She said the next conference will be in June. Cook also said there were programs on Main Street including one on a pocket park. She also said she and Chief Wilson have discussed a security program for city board meetings. Mayor Steve Montgomery says he’s guilty of being lax because he wants to hear from everyone but it would probably be good to have Chief Wilson work on that.

Under Citizens Requests, Gary Johnson of Calvary Baptist Church and asked about Calvary adopting Avenue B for trash control. Johnson said his church would like to adopt from Pond and Hervey down to Champion on West Avenue B. The board agreed by consensus.

Before the meeting adjourned, Mayor Montgomery noted he’d heard from some citizens and he’s noticed some storms that didn’t get Code Red notifications. Cook explained how those notifications work but will check on it. The meeting then adjourned.