The Hope School Board held a special meeting Monday December 3rd. The meeting was to look at expenses on the renovation of the old home-ec cottage into the school-based health clinic.  Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart said the initial low bid was by Morris Beck Construction was $473,000.  Dr. Hart says in visiting with the Beck Company that they have identified $101,000 in possible deductions.  This would get the bid to $371,000.  Dr. Hart said he learned the district is entitled to get more than the initial $150,000 they expected for renovation. He said the district can get up to $262,000 with possibly the ability to get up to $400,000 from the state for the project.  The downside is it could take up to 3 years to be reimbursed.  The district has $229,000 in their building fund and could handle. Dr. Hart suggested they accept they $371,000 bid with an eye towards whittling down that number to closer to $300,000.  The board voted to accept the $371,000 bid and to work on getting closer down to $300,000 as the project continues.

Dr. Carol Ann Duke addressed the board about possibly ending the 9th grade portion of the HAPS program.  Some.of the issues include loss of extra curricular, the issue of having 5th through 9th grade students together, declining maturation socially and disciplinary situations, and other issues.  Should the 9th grade go back to Hope High, they will be in a 9th grade academy.  Discussion ensued, no action was taken.