You Meet the Nicest People When You Do the Right Thing

My little post today has something to do with the man upstairs looking out for you as long as you do what YOU’RE supposed to do.  Today was the Melody Boys day to play at Oaklawn Estates (what a lot of us old heads remember as Pinehope).  Well, I had Charlie Webb lined up but couldn’t get his brother on the phone.  When I got there it was just me and Charlie…BUT, there were a group of young ROTC cadets from Hope High playing bingo with the residents (which the residents loved!) and immediately slipping into my media mode I asked Col. Hart if I could take their picture for the paper.  They were going to hang around and watch us and I got the bright idea to draft them to sing some Christmas Carols with us…and they did!  They found the words on their phones and we serenaded the residents and staff with some Christmas music.  And I could tell they enjoyed it!  So the moral of this story is, even if you are supposed to do something and your help doesn’t come through, go ahead and wing it.  God will send you someone to help you like he did these wonderful young ladies today!