Hope High Students Participate In HYPE Program

Students at Hope High are participating in a Cooperative Extension Service program called “HYPE”.  “HYPE” is an acronym for “Healthy Youth Physical Empowerment”.  Six classes are participating.  Shown are Montavius Eason and Alana Flenory, both 9th graders.  Eason’s class is collecting non-perishable food and clothing for fellow students while Flenory’s class hopes to put in a garden at the school with red and white flowers.  If you’d like to donate food or clothing or topsoil and seeds you can bring the items by the Hope High office off 16th Street.  For info you can call the Coooperative Extension Service at 777-5771.  Shown with the students are Sarah Stacey, 4-H Program Assistant with the Cooperative Extension Service in Hope.