Hope City Board

The Hope City Board met Tuesday April 16th.

The board first looked at a proposed rental policy for the downtown pavilion. The Tourism Commission has worked with the city on the proposal. The proposal calls for “Park Pavilion” to be be provided to the Farmers Market free Tuesdays from 7am to noon May to September. It would be available for downtown events such as for the Chamber of Commerce, Hope Downtown Network, Arts Council, and other similar entities. The pavilion would be available for rental to private citizens or other parties for $25 a half day, $50 for a full day with a refundable $75 deposit. Tables and chairs will not be provided. There would be no parking on green spaces and no alcohol allowed. The park pavilion would be available for rental from 7am until 10pm. Discussion ensued including the reasoning behind the fee system. The rental would be conducted through the park office. Offering the pavilion to non-profit groups for half-price was discussed and agreed upon. The board voted to approve the policy including the half-price for non-profits and requiring events that need to go past 10pm to get board approval.

The board discussed a surplus 1995 dump truck that didn’t sell online for the minimum of $3,500. The city has had an offer for $2,000 and the board voted to accept that.

Under the city manager’s report, Catherine Cook reminded everyone of the Citywide Cleanup is Saturday April 20th. Cook said those who wish to request junk pick up can call Public Works.

The board discussed leasing the area at the airport that Old Castle had leased but is giving up to New Millennium for a year for $550 per month.

The board discussed what to do with the old FEMA tents. It was noted they are getting ragged and a discussion ensued about whether to fix them up or take them down. They measure 60 feet by 200. No action was taken.

Cook talked about applications being taken for the Strategic Plan Committees. The applications will be taken through April 29th. She noted there will be bilingual signs up thanks to Aley Mendoza providing a translation.

Mayor Montgomery reminded everyone about the Haskell Morse fundraiser Thursday. Vice-Mayor Still also encouraged everyone to drive by and look at the Girl Scout building at Fair Park. The meeting then adjourned.