Hope City Board

The Hope City Board met Tuesday May 21st in the City Hall Board Room.

The board first looked at some possible surplus property. The property in question was two Hope Police vehicles and an old truck which had been used by Animal Control. Also the board looked at making old badges available to former officers in good standing. The board voted to approve all the property as surplus. The vehicles will be sold online at govdeals.com and the badges would be made available to the former officers.

The board approved setting up a new bank account with the city manager and finance officer as designated check signers. This is for the New Millennium grant.

The board looked at a waive bid ordinance for repair of the 2002 Komatsu Track Hoe. Originally it needed $5,300 worth of work but it turned out it needed another $10,300 in work. The total bill would be just over $15,000. City policy dictates that purchases over $10,000 be bid out unless the board approves a waive-bid ordinance. A new track hoe would cost about $175,000. Vice-Mayor Don Still suggested the landfill (where the track hoe is used) needs to set back some money each year as new equipment will eventually be needed. The City Manager noted the budget had money for the repair. The board approved the waive-bid ordinance and an emergency clause. The board also discussed upping the limit on how much could be purchased without bidding but no action was taken.

The board looked at a rezoning in the 900 block of South Walker. Christie Ware-Jo es has requested it be changed from R-1 (residential) to R-5 to accommodate a manufactured home. The Planning and Zoning Commission has recommended the change be approved. The change was approved.

The board looked at four asphalt bids. One bidder, Razorback, had said it didn’t have a valid contractor’s license. The board voted to purchase 2,500 tons of asphalt from Tri-State Asphalt of DeQueen at $104.90.per ton.

The board looked at a bid for cold milling asphalt. They only had one bid and that’s from Redstone of Little Rock for $3.26 per square yard for 7,700 square yards. The price was cheaper than the $4.00 per square yard the city paid last year. The Redstone bid was approved.

The board considered the 2019 street program. The cost would be $580,000. Milling would be done on Greening and Hickory. Overlay would be on Greenwood, Berry, Greening, Hickory, Beech, West Avenue E, Landfill Access Road and part of the 6th Street project. There was discussion on possibly taking advantage of the milling rate and getting more milling done. Street Superintendent Tim Blue agreed Avenue E could use some milling. It was suggested the Landfill Access Road could come out of the landfill budget. The board approved the Street program with the changes on Landfill Road and.milling on Avenue E.

The board looked at the “TAPS” project (Transportation Alternatives Program).on a streetscape program on 2nd from downtown to the Clinton Birthplace. One of the conceptual designs would be a brick walkway and vintage-look lighting. There are also questions about the cost of a pedestrian crossing at the railroad tracks. The grant will be submitted June 3rd and the city won’t know anything until late in the year. The city manager noted the Clinton Birthplace consistently has over 10,000 visitors and the depot Visitors Information Center has over 5,000 visitors annually and rising. She also talked about the development of downtown including Tailgaters, the Hub Pavilion, Southwest Title,and others. Mayor Montgomery said there’s more to come with the Courthouse coming downtown. Board member Mark Ross said he thinks there needs to be street lights on both sides of the proposed 2nd Street route. The board voted to make application for the grant.

Under the city manager’s report, Catherine Cook said property owners are having a hard time getting property mowed. She said the over 8 inches of rain received in May has slowed down some projects. Cook noted the Downtown Sign has been unveiled and the Strategic Planning Committees have met and 105 people came. Mayor Montgomery said the Civitan Club sent a card thanking the city for the use of the pavilion for their rummage sale. The board also discussed getting different fans for the pavilion. The drainage was discussed at the pavilion and the hand dryer for the pavilion restrooms were discussed. Board member Kiffenea Talley asked that the city purchase a trash can for the corner of 2nd and Hazel. Vice-Mayor Still suggested contacting the Downtown Network to see if they want to put a trashcan there. Cook noted Razorback Jack wants to donate a hand-made Kiwanis bench near the pavilion and Director Matk Ross noted the Lions hope to provide some benches as well.

Assistant Police Chief KIm Tomlin gave a report on the Glenn Street property discussed at the last meeting. Tomlin said the property owner has been contacted, is cooperative, and wants to get in compliance. Board member Talley asked if the city could get a list of the animals there so it could be determined what’s there and that they won’t be replaced. Tomlin said the Glenn Street property owner works with horses and property wants to continue.

Board member Reggie Easter asked about the “perpetual garage sale”. Tomlin said she knows there had been some action but didn’t know the specifics. Also, a property owner with excess cars was discussed.

Steve Atchley of the beautification committee noted the lighting is planned for the Downtown sign. He also asked about a cross walk near the Clinton Birthplace and also noted the traffic on Main crossing Third has been speeding and could cause an accident. The meeting then adjourned.